05 April, 2006

The news!

Well in the news today, they decided not to pass the tax to Jackson County on the issue of the rolling roof over the two stadiums. It is about time. Al Gore, old vice president is still critisized about his opinions over president George (Hick Man) Bush. I am just kidding my friends. you guys faces probably dropped down to the floor. Youth group is tonight. If it is all right with Ali or Aley, I'll come to worship practice that is unless you two want to sing tonight. It is up to you though so comment on this post. I'll still come anyway. I am listening to a little T.V. next to me. It is talking to me, telling me to post. Kind of weird, I haven't eaten in like forever.maybe that is it. I was talking to Aley yesterday on the telly and I have told her what I was going to do in our school. Some of you will probably guess. But I have thought about it forever and have decided to try for Prom King. I know it sounds funny, but I know I could beat most competitors that try out just because I am not afraid. NO FEAR! I don't know why it just hit me though, but I thought it would be pretty cool. Also funny. Oh crap the bell is li ke going to ring so I'll talk to you at youth . PEACE OUT MY HOMIES


Blogger Aley said...

Ok good, I'm back to getting first comment! lol. Ali's going to slaughter you for the bush comment you know. lol. Anywho, yeah yeah, this is all old news to me. Why'd you tell me last night, I wanted to be surprised! lol! Just kidding, don't kill me! lol! You should get Jon to be your campaign manager! That would be sweet! I think between the two of you, you could definately win. Well, I think you could win by yourself, but then again, I'm slightly bias. Hmmm, I don't know how I feel about going to prom with a prom king candidate....I'm really not into popular guys, but I suppose I could overlook that for you. Speaking of prom...you guys need to sign us up right?!?!!? Or maybe you already have in which case, I'm impressed by your "on the ball-"ness. lol. Come to worship tonight, we'll figure out who will sing, or we all will, I think that would sound pretty sweet. Hope your day was great! See ya in a few, horribly long hours.

12:02 PM  
Blogger ali said...

WOOOO PROM KING!! i support you cody! that's super cool!! i guess since your gonna try out for that super cool thing, i can MAYBE let that bush bash slide... just MAYBE.... actually no.. lol... so these two girls are fighting in here, and i'm sitting here furious with my scrunched up face because it's really annoying...lol anywho, yeah come to worship tonight, and we'll figure out something.. or all three of us could sing!! whoa!!! awesome!! i'll see you tonight!

12:52 PM  
Blogger stevai said...

that would be awesome. Then i could yell "I KNOW HIM!!!"

12:34 PM  
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