26 April, 2006

I like green things

Well hello all people from youth and just the throngs of fans. Of course I will be typing the news later than other people. I went to Metropolitan Steak house and ate a ceasar salad and a large order of seasoned fries. The aliey's let me join them. It is so weird because I had never eaten at Olive Garden and I ate with them the first time with the company of Jon at prom. THe metro steak house was next and I had never eaten there neither. So ya it was pretty weird. When we walked out Leslie that works there asked if I wanted a box for my fries and I said "no", because I hate microwaved french fries. I guess ali was in a "after prom" mood so she was mistaking words all over the place. SHe was wondering why I said like cranberry crunch rolls or something like that. It was hilarious, because that is nothing what I said, but hey it is all good. Good laugh. HA, anyway. tommorrow I am skipping school to go to Harley Davidson plant with my stepdad. I go every year and meet new people plus it gives me a chance to figure out which one I will buy one day. THis year is a new motercycle call the "Destroyer" It is only being made for one year. Not many of them no. Yesterday me and aley worked out and walked our Comm. Center for a while, before I had to work. We just kind of talked about some things like prom, and water, and green things. We seem Ryan and Eric there. (Ryan Holliday) and (Eric Watson) THey were working out and were yelling at us for walking around hugging all the time. It was pretty funny.

Well that is all I have for today.
Talk to ya'll later
Cody B

19 April, 2006

THe update

well your update is here. I know i have been seriously warned with the threat of death and all, but I have been extremely busy you know. today is the day to order se little flower wrist band things for the dates. I hope jon will come and pick one out, but maybe he is busy today.YES there is youth group tonight. I will see you all there and we could you talk to each with words or something along those lines. Me and ALey worked out yesterday for like an hour. She has a muscle mark now. I think she can beat me down to a bloody pulp now. Well see ya tonight ya;lakdjfljoihuehnf

10 April, 2006

Zoot Suit Riot

Well today me and jon are going to Rox's in Atchison to pick our formal wear for the Prom. I know we are kind of late, but ya, I have a booklet of all the tux's for Ali and Aley so you know what our tuxs look like and see if they kind a match up with the dresses. I have picked out a zoot suit form the booklet that is AWSOME! It is the best ya know. Jon is picking today of which one he wants, but he is still worried about prices. He know the prom will be a big expense, but I know it will be cool. My mom said that we could probably get a limo, that sits like 6 people or something. I don't know how much it will cost, but if we wanted one I could work it out and we could split up the expense for it. The limo is up to you guys. just talk to me about it. Well talk to you later everybody

07 April, 2006

yo everybody

this post isn't going to be very long, but I just wanted to say that I love "granded" coffee beans. That is all

23 words that might save your life one day

05 April, 2006

The news!

Well in the news today, they decided not to pass the tax to Jackson County on the issue of the rolling roof over the two stadiums. It is about time. Al Gore, old vice president is still critisized about his opinions over president George (Hick Man) Bush. I am just kidding my friends. you guys faces probably dropped down to the floor. Youth group is tonight. If it is all right with Ali or Aley, I'll come to worship practice that is unless you two want to sing tonight. It is up to you though so comment on this post. I'll still come anyway. I am listening to a little T.V. next to me. It is talking to me, telling me to post. Kind of weird, I haven't eaten in like forever.maybe that is it. I was talking to Aley yesterday on the telly and I have told her what I was going to do in our school. Some of you will probably guess. But I have thought about it forever and have decided to try for Prom King. I know it sounds funny, but I know I could beat most competitors that try out just because I am not afraid. NO FEAR! I don't know why it just hit me though, but I thought it would be pretty cool. Also funny. Oh crap the bell is li ke going to ring so I'll talk to you at youth . PEACE OUT MY HOMIES