27 March, 2006

Well I had a good post about how my spring break, but yeah it was deleted which hasn't happened to me ina while. so I'm pretty furious with my scrunched up face while flareing my nostrils. yeah talk to ya lata peeps

15 March, 2006

The Talent Show

well one day of talent show fun is now over. It was pretty sweet. I hope all of us win though. I recieved pain when j.c. put a bass drum over my head. I got hit with a fake piano right in the face, and that hurt a little. I think I was bleeding for a second. The outcome was awsome though. Everybody was on their feet freaking out that we had "real" instruments or something. I am so glad my girlfriend was there to witness an awsome moment. I am so glad that we did so good. THe downfall of this moment is that it is over and I have to do something like it tomorrow when I have to actually sing to a song I have hated for all my life or at least as long as it has been out for buying. As long as I can hear myself it should be pretty good though. After the talent show we got to hang out with the aleiy's and ya that was cool. The food was about to move off my plate. Well tomorrow is another day I think. THere you go aley. a Post for ya.

08 March, 2006

Oh man the talent show is going to be really...um...cool i guess. We are so unorganized though. I have no idea what I am doing, we don't know if David is going to do it, and what real song we are going to act. We were going to do a 12 stones song that is kind of slow and I have no idea what the words are. THen "Jesus Freak", but we don't know if we are going to do that. On top of all that Jon is in another band. It is going to be so difficult. AHHHH! I am going to lose my mind. It should be allright though if everything goes as planned. We are going to perform on Wednesday during advisory which it is about 11:00 or so.

THat coffee shop that aley took me to was pretty cool, the coffee was good, but not as good as black coffee.

Talk to yall lata

02 March, 2006

umm. I don't know A title for this post.

Sryup everybody I think that I need a cheesburger right know just like the one ali ate. at the corner pharmacy. I am so hungry and I am counting down the miloseconds to lunch time. My stomach is yelling at me right know. I NEED FOOD!!! Everything looks like food around, it is like the Madagascajar(sp)movie. A big weekend in front of me. Lawrence this Saturday I hope some people are able to come. I think we will have to take 2 cars, because my brothers car is really small, but cool. He can just lead us in the right direction. My bro knows all the new places that have just opened up and I hope I can get some kool-aid shoes there. I am so hungry right now that Macdonalds seems apetizing, that is pretty bad. Well youth was awsome last night. It didn't seem ackward at all did it J.C. I can't wait until our talent show. Everyone should come and see us jam out and go crazy. That is all I have to say about that. Talk to ya lata