JUST JUMP....IF YOU HAVE LEGS: February 2006

27 February, 2006

THe Weekend

Well that weekend was one of the best in a long time. ATF wasn't as good as it was last year because last year me and jon snuck down and stood right in front of TFK I think. THe inside jokes are going to be rolling out. I can think of at least 4. There is Cookies, laundry detergent box, big bird. Well the big bird one was early in the week, but It was still funny. Oh boy I think I want to just to get out of school and hang out with the youth right now. Maybe we could have a movie night this weekend or something. I feel so jumpy. I can hardly stay in my seat. I am hungry. Really hungry. I am going to wash my truck off because it is so dirty ya know. Aley wrote all this bad stuff on it like "Cody is dumb and will never amount to anything in his life" jk everybody. It was really dirty though. My truck is a sexy beast. I think that is all I have to say about that. UM... PEACE OUT DIZZLE LIZZLE FOR SHIZZLE DA CRIZZLE PLIZZLE MIZZLE.

21 February, 2006

here's your post!!

Well I have to apologize for not hanging out with yall. I have been working for a long time now and I need some extra dough still. I haven't pushed the youth out of my life or the people in it at all. I will try harder in the future to get into everything. I miss yall and all the lubby dubby friendship love. I can't wait to actually go out and watch a movie or hang out at somebody's house. I hope you all have a fun time at Aquire the Fire. Yes I will not be going, but my little sister will taking my place. It is good for her to go, maybe she will get something out of it, because I know the first time I went I was shocked. I put a music video up on my blog it is Fall out Boy "Sugar we are going down swinging" enjoy my friends. peace out peeps

14 February, 2006

Almost 2 years

yesterdayI was sitting in my chair that rolls and it just dawned on me that it is almost my 2 year anniversary (sp). I you have no idea what I am talking about I will tell you. almost 2 years ago I accepted the lord into my life. I can't believe the time has going by so fast. At the start of my relationship, I was filled with curiousity and spirit. I think some of the that has been rubbed off to my sister Erica and others that I shared my views with. Absolutely none of this could of been possible without the courage of Jon Griffith that came up to me and shared his views and remarkable stories of conferences that he had went to in the past. To this day I still remember what he had done for me. THanks JON!!!! (TEAR)not lying. I also have to thank the starting youth group in the living room of Luke's old house. I think when I moved into the youth group there was Jon, J.C., Tim, Keira,Sean, Justin, Luke, Kat, Kim, Jube, Eric, Chris. Wow that was a bunch.

I wouldn't take one day away from the 2 years that I walked with the Lord and trust me there will be more years added and more depths made. THank you all for helping me out.

09 February, 2006

the concert was awsome

I am probably the last to post about the concert last night, because everyone usually posts early in the morning or late last night. Well it was awsome, the best I have seen since the skillet concert. It was so funny last night, because me, jon, Luke, and J.C. We were awsome hopefully. After the concert, Ali told me I smelled like clorine, so I am thinking that chlorine runs in me veins now and I cool myself off with chlorine. Jon got to skip out on school today. THat was pretty dumb. I wish my parents would let me do something like that. Well peace out everyone see ya sunday hopefully.

01 February, 2006

Youth group tonight, I am so glad. I hope I can make it to the worship practice tonight, but I have to study for FBLA so it will be very hard to cram. I haven't seen the youth for a while, hope you haven't changed. yesterday during work, me and my friends were acting out a tragedy play. Clint, a fellow employee brought a video camera and he was wanting to act out this play and wanted me and Cody Wente's help. At first we acted out a shark attack under water...duh....I really typed that too... anyway me and cody got on some flippers and goggles and attacks LEAH, another employee. It was pretty cool. Then we acted out a drowning scene, where Clint slowly fell off the diving board and sank under water with his eyes open. We like the suicidal side of clint so we acted out a suicide that clint would shoot himself. We zoomed in on the fake gun and he slowly pulled the trigger and we watched him die. It wouldn't be that good without the ketchup, so guess what there was ketchup all over the wall. Ya it was pretty sweet. try it sometime.

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