JUST JUMP....IF YOU HAVE LEGS: December 2005

31 December, 2005

The Update is Here

I hope this will calm those bursting hearts. I am going to update so your prayers have been answered. My words are addictive I know this, but hey it is hard to spread the love and passion in words to everybody. I got a lot for Christmas and I hope all of the youth group recieved what they wanted and had a safe holiday. I haven't gotten the opportunity to speak to everybody about their holiday so why not comment on this one and spill it all out because I love to listen and to.....read.. sorry that one was hard to right. I am here at the Griffiths home and watching them all play their XBOX games or on the internet or on TV and that is what makes it so awsome. We are going to see King Kong tonight and of what I heard about this particular movie is that is pretty awsome. I hope these few, happy words will reasure everyone that I have gotten my typing skills back and out of hybernation. I will talk to everyone I hope in a later time. Thanks everybody

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16 December, 2005

finals Finals equals STRESS

I think right know I am feeling the final stress. I tried my best to keep it away buty it is just eating away at me brain like a lawnmower to grass. ARGH! Well Aley had told me update so I took her word for it and look I am typing. Yah! Weell Haydens party is tonight after worship night and it should be pretty good and I just have to get him something, but i don't know what he wants so maybe he wants some cash or something which is something I give people that I don't know to give. I don't think that sentence made any sense. See yall later.

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12 December, 2005

snow Creek

today I will being going to snow creek to ski. i am a pretty good skier when it comes to falling, I 'm good at it yah. I hope Jon will come because tonight will be the night you can get free season passes if you join a skill group or lesson or something for about an hour, but we have to act like we have never skiied before so this should get very interesting on my and Jon's part. you can say we can make it look like we haven't walking before let alone skiied (sp)
Well i hope you can get a chance to look overt the tips of hiliariousness on the next post below this one and learn them. Thank ya

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Laugh Laugh Laugh

I will help you all boring people out there by telling you some tips on the lines of bein funny. Most people call me funny and if you don't this post means nothing to you so don't bother reading it. Tip #1. If you are going to quote a line of a movie or song don't use it more than 7 times a day(J.C) It doesn't get that funny and then turns annoying after a little bit. Tip #2 I have been some kind of funny all my life because I have used words or phrases that I made up and use them as fast as I can. Use things that you know will make other people laugh and that will make you laugh to because you find it funny. Don't keep quoting everybody else it is not funny trust me. Tip #3 Don't laugh at your own jokes, because more people find it funny if you have no idea what you just said or how you said it. I can think of more tips but I am running out of time. I want you guys to use these tips for future references in case youth group or worship practice gets boring, hold a microphone and let you comedy come out and spread the goodness to the world -jk- Well got to go

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Farma Boy Cody

05 December, 2005

THe weekend

Hey what up everybody, the weekend was pretty cool wasn't it. Football on Saturday was so worth it, because it was cold and frozen. I love that kind of weather and I love to catch the ball in the wrist causing a shrill of pain to travel up my spine. It was really cold. I got one touchdown and almost 2, but time decided to go cheap on me and knock my foot out from underneith me. I didn't feel that good believe me. The lumberjack was there(Ryan) he looked as if he could knock my head off. JC was in his normal mood with the Aley's (Wink)(Nudge)JK. Playing with ya JC. Being on Luke's team was pretty cool and I got the ball even if I missed a few in the past plays which was a big turnaround from last game. My parents go a 27' HD Flatscreen yesterday so that means I get the old TV for myself. I can actually tell what color my guy is on the screen without having to look in the manual. Well talk to ya later and see yall at youth group

With peace, honesty, love and friendship
and words of the same
Farmer Boy Cody

01 December, 2005

Welp back to the board

THis will be the best post ever, because I have so much to say. I want to talk to you guys about yesterday at youth group(which was cool by the by) I recieved the opportunity to sing with Aley. I think it sounded pretty cool. I couldn't really hear myself or aley, but it was on the water. Today is the national AIDS day or something like that. I heard it in current events today and we have to write a report on it with a couple group member(talk about boring or..type about boring).Yesterday Pleasant Ridge High School was in the News because some stupid kid that goes to this school decided to bring a miniature dart gun that was supposed to be for Nerf darts or something. They put real needles in the gun and shot 4-15 people. I don't really know how many people got shot. This mother of one the shot children (literally shot...get it....ok I guess not jk) called in and told the news station all this crap about how we have a stupid school and we can't be trusted.
I tink that is stupid.
Welp got to go

In the words of Jon Griffith A.K.A G-man-jk- TEEHEE TEEHEE TEEHEEE

Lifeguard out