JUST JUMP....IF YOU HAVE LEGS: November 2005

30 November, 2005


All right, I know I haven't posting as well as most people do, but hey I am mostly busy. I want to type but there is nothing to type about,because everybody knows what I do and when I do it so what is the point. I like blogging but it is hard to type about nothing. I guess I can tell you about my day or week for that matter. I don't have to work anymore until January which is all right but I need some money. I get to work with Jon and TIm on Sundays after church.

Yesterday was a hard day for me,becaue I had some bad luck with a whole lot of things. I almost hit a van that decided to stop in the middle of her turn. You can say my horn was blowing and yelling was there also. Don't worry I was not swearing, but I still feel good that I yelled at this poor inosent person. Ya right she deserved it. THan I got told that I went into Leavenworth for nothing because my boss forgot to call me and tell me I had not work. I passed up my grandparents house on the way there and had to turn around. My paycheck was lower than it was last pay period, and I had more hours this time. Kind of weird huh. THe suspition come out. I went to my grandparents house to discuss some new jobs I can get into for the December month and nothing came up, because all there is, is fast food restaurants which is disgusting. I need a job I can work with.

Today is a new day and I got a good grade on my Accounting II Test which is sweet.
So there is my post and I will try harder at posting more often.

Peace out and talk to all later at Youth Group
words of honesty, love, and passion

22 November, 2005

Thanksgiving weekend

Well it is finally here- thanksgiving weekend, a 5 day weekend full of freezing morning and frost on the ground. I hope all the birds will be chirping and all the deer walking around. Well I hope that is what somebody wants, because I just want to see my friends and youth group to play some more football this weekend yah.

this day needs to go by faster.

16 November, 2005

Today for FBLA

I don't know if you all know what FBLA is,but I will tell you anyway, it stands for Future Business Leaders of America. It is pretty stupid at first and most of the meetings are pretty...........Stupid! We had to dress up today and I chose to wear a nice shirt with a sweater. Jon showed up with a 3 piece suit and walking in looking like a young Napolean Dynamite. I hope I spelled it right. It looked pretty cool though. If you want a laugh and need some humor in you life talk to Jon or Me at the same time and we will put some laughter in your life, because we talk about everything there is and will wear anything that will make people chuckle. ANyway I am getting off topic. FBLA meeting was today and it was supposed to be 2 hours long, but it turned out to be 45 minutes long, but that is 45 minutes that almost killed me.Talk about boring, the speaker was pretty good,but he talked about the slowest subject which was accounting and entrepranourship. I hope i spelled that right too. I want to get out of this stupid sweater. I haven't worn a sweater since 4th grade.
I hope to see everybody tonight and the football game with the youth group at Saint Mary's College this Saturday at 1:00p.m. I hope it is still going on.

See ya'll later
From Farmer Boy Cody

13 November, 2005

Worship Practice

I am sitting by myself (tear)(tissue).Hearing Ali and Aley sing. THey are pretty good at the blending part,but I can tell they need to take some of the worship songs home with a CD so they can get the words into thier heads. I didn't mean that in a bad way either, but if they want to sing they have to learn some songs first. I haven't learned them all, but most are very familiar to me over the past 2 years. I am glad to be hear at the church getting to know everybody even more, and I know I've been thinking of all the homework I have, but I am a Senior so who cares. WOW I can't get these songs stuck out of my head. I just got a couple CD's yesterday, they are System of the Down and Fall out Boy. I know they are not the best choices for a young christian boy, but it is what I have been into for quite a while. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SEND THE POOR!!!!!

04 November, 2005

Erica needs some help

Hey everybody in the X-treme Faith youth group, erica needs some serious help on the matter of her not showing up to youth group and to church. Of course her work schedule won't allow it, but sometimes she does not seem to have the energy to get involved. I need your help to get her involved tonight and this weekend at Oasis so she can loosen up. Thanks guys and check out her blog, because I made one for her so she can talk to the youth group and get prayer even though she may not be there to see it personally. THanks again guys

p.s I have another post below this one check it out.

Me and my stepdad

THis is a story about me and my stepfather. We got at a bad start when he married my mom, but hey what son likes a stepfather. My friends know what he is like and he is sort of the workaholic. He writes the funniest maps too. If you want to know how to get lost in 5 minutes from leaving your home, call him up and tell him to draw you a map. Well I kind of got to spot dogn on him though, because ever since I got a job, truck and a new life he has been off my back and has helped me through some pretty horable times. He really is a cool person when you get past his hard shell,but it is hard to get past that point, believe me. Memories of when I first saw him makes me laugh though because I was so stupid and thought that everything that he said would be just dumb and a waste of my time. With the help of my good friend and prayer I have got on the right track with my stepdad and I hope everything works allright with us in the future.

Post Script: NEEE!

03 November, 2005

Lamborghini Diablo

The lamborghini diablo, one of the most fastest cars in the world. THis car is the best, well for me anyway. I am getting one of these when I grow up,even though it only gets 9 miles to the gallon. If you see one of these babies on the road of Leavenworth or Easton think of this blog post and go Cody is in that car screaming to the sounds of Skillet with the best subs and speakers money can buy. I hope this will come true I can't say I haven't tried praying about it. Not that I pray for the car, but I pray that my future will allow me to have enough of the cash to buy one.

02 November, 2005

Just some pictures

Time is.......Time!

I can not figure out how people can write so much on the blogspot. I meen this is hard to type all this stuff about me and my friends all all that good hardy stuff. Well anyway this title might be kind of weird because...I made it up. I am just sitting here is school rotting my brain away or anyway what is left of the old noodle. School is going pretty well though and I guess time is really flying and I hope everything goes all right with everybody when they graduate. I can look back when I first came to the church also called the "Mother Ship" LoL, and I remember many momories of just fun stuff and it was really cool and it was just.......Cool. Ya. I am sorry for all this excitement but, school is almost over for today and i just can't wait for youth group.