28 October, 2005

Go Griffith Boys

Spending time with friends is the best thing in the world, this paragraph goes out to my friends at PRHS. Jon, Tim ,and JC thanks for being there for me doggs and pulling me through my worst situations. My future is semi planned out and hope that all of you guys stay in touch with me along with the rest of the youth group. All three of you guys had changed my direction in one point or another. THank Jon the most for turning my life around 2 years ago by bringing me to the best youth group in the world even though I haven't seen many HA Ha. I owe you guys a lot along with Luke, Kim, Kathleen, Sean, Justin, Bob and Kira. If I missed your name tell me and I will add it to this blog post. Anyway enough of the sorrow gabbing I got to get back to class. Peace out Amigos and Amigas

26 October, 2005

The New Me

WHat up everybody, THank you Kathleen on pushing me to update my blog even though the last three times I have written this the blogspot keeps killing it.

I just wanted to say thanks to all my friends on pushing me to join the Worship group. I hope God moves through me even more than before. It is really awsome that everybody got me involved in this.

Just the other day I got some good news. I am accepted in the CCC or the Cleveland Chiropractic College. A lot of colleges have been sending me brochures on their deals for the future, but they never seemed to have what I was looking for. THis college is the best, it will pay for everything for the first year including boarding, food, and books Yah! I hope I am taking the right direction in what it seems to be a good future.

I also want to thank all my friends here at church and youth group for caring for me during the worst relationship of my life.

13 October, 2005

Extreme Faith


Our Youth Group also known as Extreme Faith has taken in a lot of people. We meet every Wednesday at 7:00p.m. We Worship and Play some really awsome games. We get chances to do some community service such as the Christian Car Wash were the youth group goes to people's houses and prays for people and wash their vehicles for free. There are tons of youth groups around Leavenworth and I have seen most of them, but I still think we are the most creative with games and worship. I had just joined the worship team and I am pretty excited about it. THere is no other feeling than what you can feel during Worship. YA!

12 October, 2005


To most of my friends, I am known as the Skillet freak. This is the band that will get me to jump up and down. I get to be so crazy when I listen to this band. This band rocks and it is my favorite. Go SKILLET!!


12 Stones

One of my most favorite Christian Bands is the the Band known to my friends as 12 Stones. They express a lot of feelings about their relationship with God. They were one of first christian bands that I had listened to before I became a christian. Thank you 12 Stones.